Text Box: Welcome To Richard Mason’s Dance PagesI started calling and writing dances at Exeter University Folk Dance Society in 1986.  Initially putting together displays of existing dances for the university display team, I soon found that the self-penned bits of the display were taking over from the established dances, and I started separating them out into dances of their own.  Generally more difficult than the average ceilidh dance, these dances have been described as the product of a warped mind.  Although there are some easy dances amongst them, they are most suitable for relatively experienced and energetic dancers, especially those who want to try something a little out of the ordinary!


Some of these dances seem to be spreading and being danced by groups all over the UK and even further afield.  Since people seem to want the notation and calls for some of them, I thought it was about time to publish them on the web.  So here is the first batch:


*  The Weevil

*  Helicopters

*  Back To Base

*  Pooh Sticks

*  Maths Dance

*  The Weaving Way

*  Levi Jackson’s Revenge

*  The Jubilee


There are many more to follow….



If you want to be notified of new dances posted here, or if you have any questions about any of my dances, please feel free to contact me on rjmason@exedata.fsnet.co.uk


Besides writing slightly warped dances I also do the following:


*  Call for workshops, ceilidhs and barn dances

*  Am a member of Pigs Might Fly ceilidh band – a lively ceilidh band based in Exeter

*  Run FireStone percussive dance team - performing mainly Appalachian & Irish dance (Firestone Percussive Dance)

*  Teach percussive dance workshops

*  Am chairman for the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival in Exeter in 2004 (http://www.ex.ac.uk/ivfdf2004)

*  Call regularly for Exeter University Folk Soc (http://gosh.ex.ac.uk/societies/folkdance)


To find out about any of the above, or to book me, FireStone or Pigs Might Fly, phone me on 01392 411434